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With Konnektz, you can travel the globe, explore beautiful places and share incredible travel stories virtually with your friends and family.


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Konnektz is one of the best social apps of 2022, designed with easy-to-use features. It is not only a social media app but also a next-gen travel app that allows users to share travel memories - experiences - escapades on the go. Users can share their pictures, videos, and geolocations while journeying.


Experience Sharing

Users can stay close to their friends and family virtually by sharing images and videos throughout their travels.


Live Streaming

You’ll love real-time streaming. Users can go live while on tour and show off the local scenery to their friends and family.


Chat and Geolocation

Sharing location is easy with Konnektz. Users can connect with their network wherever they are in the world, at the touch of a button.

App Features

Key features not to miss



Personalise your profile. Add details i.e. profile photos, write a bio & more. Sign up through Email, Google, or any social media channel.


Direct messaging

Users can directly communicate with their friends - family from their feed. They can share precious moments on the go.


Take a journey Find a friend

Recipients of photos or videos or live streams will be taken on a virtual journey from their location to the sender’s location.


Explore more

Travel around places to take a 360-degree street view of the shared location. This feature adds more value to the travel experience.


Learn more

Users can also benefit from links to relevant Wikipedia articles to discover more about the shared experience and location.


Find a friend

“Search” allows users to find their friends & connections who are using Konnektz.

App Screenshots

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